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Bush's new campaign ads

Some people are unhappy about what they see as Bush's exploitation of 9/11 for political gain. Gee, I'm just glad no one has tried to exploit Vietnam.

Partisan hypocrisies aside, however, I'm less than thrilled with these ads. If this is any indication as to how the campaign is going to be run, the Bush team is in deep, deep trouble. For them not to have anticipated these criticisms is just further evidence of how tone-deaf the White House has become.

Moreover, these ads support the (erroneous) belief that this president has no accomplishments worthy of mentioning, other than a single, fateful moment more than two years ago where he stood atop a heap of rubble with a bullhorn.

Well how about this? After a devastating terror attack at the beginning of his first term, we went on to topple two brutal tyrannies, and have gone for two-and-a-half years without a second attack on U.S. soil. Libya is disarming, Arafat has been marginalized, and intense international pressure is being brought to bear on Iran.

How about this? After beginning his first term with a recession (exacerbated by the devastating effects of 9/11), inflation and unemployment are historically low, while productivity, exports, and domestic growth are all historically high.

What about taxes? Although much has been made of higher income beneficiaries, the lowest income tax bracket was reduced 33%. In fact, it would probably be more correct to say the lowest rate was cut to zero, since nearly 40 million of the country's poorest families were relieved of any income tax burden whatsoever. In addition, there was the increase in the per-child tax credit to $1,000 and the reduction of the marriage penalty.

I think these are all good questions, but why am I the one asking them? This administration has essentially unlimited money and resources at its disposal. Why am I able to come up with a more effective ad campaign than theirs off the top of my head?

These people need to get a clue, and get one fast.