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Karenna Gore redux

Looks like Vanessa Kerry is shaping up to be every bit as annoying as Al Gore's progeny:

"I believe this administration just helped overthrow, basically overthrow, a democratically elected president," Vanessa Kerry, 27, said during a campaign stop at Stony Brook University of the ouster of Jean-Bertrand Aristide. "We basically, in our silence, allowed him to be deposed."

If she's going to help Daddy out on the campaign trail, they would do well to coordinate their messages a little better. In the very next paragraph, we see Daddy complaining about how Bush didn't "overthrow" the Haitian president quickly enough:

At a debate Sunday among Democratic presidential candidates in New York City, John Kerry said Bush's actions were "late, as usual." Sen. John Edwards, his chief rival, agreed.

Maybe taking both sides of all issues is getting a little much for Kerry, so he's letting his daughter shoulder some of the burden. Fence-straddling can be a family affair.