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What is Teresa Heinz's connection to the "furor" over the Bush ads?

And what is Peaceful Tomorrows anyway? It's a pacifist organization comprising relatives of 9/11 victims. You've heard some of them lately complaining about how "inappropriate" Bush's campaign ads are.

So who funds this organization? Well if you navigate their website to find out how you can contribute, you'll be told you can write a check to Peaceful Tomorrows/Tides Center. So what the hell is the Tides Center?

I'm glad you asked that. Tom Randall of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review can answer better than I can (emphasis mine):

Known as the Tides Center for Pennsylvania, formerly the Tides Center for Western Pennsylvania, it is a creation of the Tides Foundation and Center, headquartered in San Francisco, and two Pennsylvania-based foundations -- the Vira Heinz Endowment and the Howard Heinz Endowment-- chaired by Teresa Heinz Kerry, heir to the Heinz food company fortune and wife of Democrat presidential contender Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Well, isn't that special? First we learn that the fire fighters we heard criticizing the Bush ads belonged to a union that had endorsed Kerry. Will we now find out that the entire brouhaha was bankrolled by Teresa Heinz?