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Democratic bait-and-switch?

Some Democrats are growing visibly nervous over Kerry's dismal performance in the campaign thus far. That's the problem with this "anybody but Bush!" nonsense. As soon as that becomes your guiding philosophy, you can end up with... well, anybody.

But check out this piece from the Village Voice:

Look for the Dem biggies, whoever they are these days, to sit down with the rich and arrogant presumptive nominee and try to persuade him to take a hike. Then they can return to business as usual -- resurrecting John Edwards, who is still hanging around, or staging an open convention in Boston, or both.

Fascinating! I'd like to think this prospect is too far-fetched to become a reality, but given the recent Democratic shenanigans with Jean Carnahan and Frank Lautenberg, I'm not reassured.

We can all remember a time when the American people would not stand for such a last-minute pinch hitter. We'd complain (rightly) that we didn't know enough about (say) John Edwards to elect him president. In the modern era, however, we positively fawn over the fresh-faced political unknown. It is only with increasing familiarity that their poll numbers start to diminish.

Call me paranoid, but I'm afraid I find this Kerry "doomsday" weapon strategy all too plausible.