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Democrats for Guns

Ted Rall is just nuts enough so that every now and then I agree with him. In his most recent column, he urges John Kerry to come out strongly in support of gun rights. He makes a good point with the following:

Accepting and promising to defend the Constitution as a whole, including the Second Amendment, could jumpstart the return of the American left from the fringe to the mainstream. Kerry's endorsement of gun rights would not only neutralize a key GOP values issue; it would serve as a cultural signifier that he doesn't view hunters and other gun aficionados with (as Democratic political consultant David Sweet put it) "an urban, sophisticated mentality that sneers at their way of life."

As one of those rare beasts who supports both the ACLU and the NRA simultaneously, I can relate. It's indeed encouraging that Democrats may be finally beginning to take the Second Amendment seriously. Now if we could only get them (and Republicans too, for that matter) to read the Tenth....