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Now Jordan hates us too

Jordan is pissed off at Bush for his "new policy" regarding the Middle East. Jordan, you see, is deeply committed to the cause of its Palestinian brethren... so long as they're Israel's problem, and not Jordan's.

Remember in 1970, when the Palestinian refugees were focusing on Jordan as a solution to their plight, rather than Israel? This was not an unreasonable notion, given the heavily Palestinian makeup of Jordan's population and their historical control of the West Bank. The movement, however, was brutally suppressed by Jordan with a savagery that the Israelis have never approached.

Cry me a river, King Abdullah. You want to help the Palestinians? Offer them a homeland within your borders. Not only are these your people, but your country is four times the size of Israel. If you don't want to help the Palestinians then fine, but please shut up.