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Bush's Iraq address

Oh hell, what is there to write? I can't exactly say I "hung on every word" (Cicero he's not). I was, on the other hand, glad to hear some actual details for a change. Lord knows we've heard few enough of them up to this point. I would have preferred to hear a bit more about the security situation specifically, but I think the speech served its primary function: to dispel the impression that the administration is rudderless, and without a concrete plan of action. The White House is partially responsible for this perception due to its secretive, non-communicative nature. The American people can be understanding and supportive of a war effort that is more difficult than anyone had previously believed. What they won't tolerate, however, is a belief that our forces are adrift in Iraq, wandering about more or less randomly, lacking a clear strategy, while the situation steadily degrades. No one's opinion of the war will have been changed on either side tonight. The goal was much more minimal than that -- merely to stem the panic. To that extent I think the speech was a modest success.