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Great High Mountain

My wife, God bless her, got us tickets for the Great High Mountain concert tour, which we saw at the Beacon last night here in New York.

What a night. It was some of the finest Appalachian and old-time string music I've heard anywhere, and the acoustics were superb. Ollabelle was amazing. The Nashville Bluegrass Band was amazing. Ralph Stanley and Allison Krauss were, as always, amazing.

As a transplanted Tarheel, it did my heart good to see these ambassadors of my culture come into New York City and flat-out knock the ball out of the park. I was also proud to be a New Yorker. The performers were so warmly an enthusiastically received by the adoring audience that whatever lingering perceptions people may have had about New Yorkers being cold or unfriendly were surely left behind in the Beacon with the empty popcorn boxes. An incredible night, all the way around. If you get a chance to catch the tour, I would highly recommend it.

Speaking of things Southern, I'm leaving first thing tomorrow morning (at some ungodly hour) to spend a week in North Carolina's Outer Banks. Blogging by me will be light or nonexistant. Perhaps CRB can keep the ball rolling until I return. Have a great Memorial Day, all.