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Maxi pads?

From the latest set of revelations, we learn that Iraqi prisoners were forced, among other things, to wear "maxi pads".

I have it on good authority that detainees were also made to don white pantsuits and ride horses along the beach in slow motion.


This is way past ridiculous. I was appalled just like everyone else at the images from Abu Ghraib, but this incessant focus and piling on of the prison scandal I fear will ultimately desensitize us to the whole issue. Worse, the backlash will inevitably go too far, and it's going to be more difficult than every to get useful information out of real al Qaeda scumbags who might actually know something.

Barry, I was really impressed by your strong condemnation of the prisoner abuse scandal. Now I feel like you are taking things a little too lightly.

White pantsuits? Before memorial day! Now that's torture.

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