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Crazy dream last night

I had the craziest dream last night. I dreamed that the global Muslim community was up in arms about the seneseless slaughter of Paul Johnson at the hands of Islamists. I dreamed that representatives from CAIR and other groups had flooded the Sunday morning talk shows to exhort moderate Muslims to assert themselves forcefully, and make their voices louder than those of the jihadists. I dreamed there was a candlelight vigil in Union Square of Arab Americans who, regardless of their opinions on Iraq, were united in opposition to the blind anti-Western and anti-Jewish sentiment that poisons much of their homelands.

Crazy dream, huh? No more leftover pizza at midnight for me.


Yeah, that dream is nuts, all right. Sure you weren't under the influence?

I don't know if you were in NY during 911 or not, but I remember taking several pilgrimages down to the makeshift and impromptu shrines that cropped up in the areas around Ground Zero. I remember being struck by the fact that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of flags, handmade cards and posters, and expressions of sympathy from the entire world. I noticed messages from Canada, Australi, Belgium, Israel, England, Ireland, Austria, France(!), Japan, South Korea, Italy, the list goes on.... But conspicuously absent was any token of friendship or solidarity from a predominately Muslim or Arab country.

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