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Kerry-McCain dialog...

...as imagined by Ted Rall:

Hey, John, wanna be my veep?

No thanks.

I'm gonna pretend I didn't hear that. So. Shall we print up some buttons?


Come on, man. I need you.


You're kidding! You know the Republicans will never nominate you for the presidency! They hate your ass!

Whatever. I said no.

Dude! Don't be like that. Yes is such an easy word to say. Say it.

Get a life, John. Don't contact me unless it's about legislation. Got it?

Look, I'll be honest. The CBS poll says you'll give me a 14-point boost if you join the team. I gotta have you. I can't take no for an answer.

No means no, John. No. No. No.

Hey, thanks, I appreciate it. I'll call a press conference for noon. Kerry-McCain 2004!

I'm getting a restraining order against you, you jowly bassett-hound-eyed freak!!!

At least one Democrat has the good sense to be embarrassed by this desperate-seeming spectacle. I was wondering when the Democratic Party was going to wake up and realize that McCain was (gasp!) a Republican. I guess now it's finally happened.


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