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Not their fault

There are more blacks in prison than in college, John Kerry says, but it's not their fault.

Talking about education yesterday, Mr. Kerry also told the largely black crowd at the day care center that there are more blacks in prison than in college.

"That's unacceptable," he said. "But it's not their fault."

So who's fault is it exactly? Round up the usual suspects.

Rather than the inmates, the former Boston prosecutor blamed poverty, poor schools, a dearth of after-school programs and "all of us as adults not doing what we need to do."

Not enough midnight basketball, or some damn thing. Isn't this exactly the kind of blame-society-first liberalism that was no longer supposed to typify today's Democratic Party?


This is exactly the kind of patronizing, "soft bigotry" we've come to expect from the Left. Minorities are not even given enough credit to be held responsible for their own actions.

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