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Sidewalk vendor to the rescue!

Ah, Canal Street in Lower Manhattan, what an amazing place! The vibrant entrepreneurial spirit here has helped me out of a conundrum. People have been asking me when they can expect my review of Fahrenheit 9-11, but I haven't seen it yet. It's a disgrace for a blogger, really.

My problem was two-fold:

  1. I was reluctant to further enrich the fatuous Mr. Moore by buying a ticket
  2. I was reluctant to waste hours of my time standing in long lines of drooling Manhattan lefties to buy a ticket

The way I saw it, I had two options:

  1. I could whine, like Ted Rall did, about how I should have been invited to the premier (the liberal solution)
  2. I could take matters into my own hands (the conservative solution)!

I chose the latter, and here I am with my brand new, shrink-wrapped copy of Fahrenheit 9-11. Isn't capitalism great? (I also got a cool-ass Rolex for ten bucks!) I'll give it a watch at first opportunity, and post my thoughts as soon as I've digested it.


Dude, you're my hero! :-)

I have reported this criminal activity to the feds.

"I have reported this criminal activity to the feds." ARE YOU KIDDING ME SERPICO? You are probobly some confused adolecent who is a lefty simply because thats what popular culture says you should be. Further more, why the hell would the "feds" care about some bumb slangin' illegal dvd's on the street? besides that what federal institution did you report this to?

Just like a conservative, breaking the law because it "suits" you. Following right in George W. Bush's footsteps.

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