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Ted Rall is an asshole

This doesn't really require any comment, does it?

How Sad...

...that Ronald Reagan didn't die in prison, where he belonged for starting an illegal, laughably unjustifiable war against Grenada under false pretenses (the "besieged" medical students later said they were nothing of the sort) and funneling arms to hostages during Iran-Contra.

Oh, and 9/11? That was his. Osama bin Laden and his fellow Afghan "freedom fighters" got their funding, and nasty weapons, from Reagan.

A real piece of work, Reagan ruined the federal budget, trashed education, alienated our friends and allies and made us a laughing stock around the world.

Hmmmm...sounds familiar.

Anyway, I'm sure he's turning crispy brown right about now.

Go to hell, Ted.


I agree with TED !!!

Well donny, thats because you're an asshole too. You probably weren't born when Reagan was around. And the only thing turning crispy brown will be Rall's sad ass on the guy downstairs' pitchfork. I thought leftist assholes were atheists anyway? Guess that means they don't believe in God, they just believe in hell. If that is so, I'll see you downstairs Ted. I'll be the guy poking you in the eye with a rather pointy stick. Good luck, "tedd"!

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