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A Few Good Marines

John Kerry walks into a Wendy's and sees a few US Marines eating their lunch. I'm sure he was thinking this was the perfect photo op, but then this happened:

The Marines two in uniform and two off-duty were polite but curt while chatting with Kerry, answering most of his questions with a "yes, sir" or "no, sir."

But they turned downright nasty after the Massachusetts senator thanked them "for their service" and left.

"He imposed on us and I disagree with him coming over here shaking our hands," one Marine said, adding, "I'm 100 percent against [him]."

A sergeant with 10 years of service under his belt said, "I speak for all of us. We think that we are doing the right thing in Iraq," before saying he is to be deployed there in a few weeks and is "eager" to go and serve.


Gotta love our Marines. Respectful, patient, and 100% honest. Semper Fi.