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Did Wilson "misspeak"?

That's the rather polite euphemism the Senate Intelligence Committee used to describe Joe Wilson's claim to a reporter that certain Niger/uranium related documents were forgeries. CNN's Wolf Blitzer gave Wilson a chance to clarify this issue:

BLITZER: So when the committee says that you told them you had misspoken, what did you misspeak?

WILSON: Well, actually, what I misspoke was, when I misspoke to the committee, when I spoke to the staff -- this interview took place 15 months after The Washington Post article appeared. I did not have a chance to review the article. They did not show me the article.

They threw it out there, and the question I took as being a rather generic question: Could you have misspoken? Yes, I am male, I'm over 50. By definition, I can misspeak.

That clears it up, right? Positively Clintonian.