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It's Edwards!

John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, has violated Barry's 27th Rule of Politics by sticking with the conventional wisdom and choosing John Edwards as his running mate.

At first glance, this makes sense, as Edwards is considerably more popular than any of his rivals for the slot (not counting John McCain, of course). Still, I believe his is the popularity of the unknown fresh face. These days, the more we know of a politician, the less we like them. In my home state of North Carolina, familiarity has certainly bred contempt as far as Edwards is concerned.

This move also shows that Kerry is taking seriously the views of Zogby and other pollsters that North Carolina is now seriously in play. Granted, Edwards is deeply unpopular in his own state as a senator, but having a locally-grown homeboy on a national ticket is a much more attractive prospect, and I do think Edwards will help the ticket in the South. Enough to make significant inroads? Probably not. I've said it before and I'll say it again: John Kerry couldn't carry North Carolina if Dean Smith were his running mate, polls be damned.