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More on Moore

Okay, I know this is getting old, but we all have our white whales (ha ha, that analogy's pretty apt). Since the latest installment in my anti-Moore lamentations, I've gotten lots of e-mail, from left, right and center. For the first time, I'm beginning to notice a shift.

Call me crazy, but I am beginning to believe that Fahrenheit 911 might actually break for George Bush as a factor in November. Moore's lack of integrity is becoming more broadly acknowledged now, and not just on the right. If Democratic politicians do not take steps to distance their party from Moore's 122-minute temper tantrum, they could pay a price, now that the inevitable backlash has begun (I still predict John Kerry will have a "Sister Souljah" moment sometime this fall, in which he'll prominently denounce Moore's methodology).

This election's going to be close. In a tight race, a movie like Moore's can have an impact. It's no longer clear, however, that his side will benefit. It wouldn't be the first time that Moore's helped to elect President Bush. In 2000, he campaigned vigorously for Ralph Nader, without whom Bush could not have won. If Moore helps elect Bush a second time, the least the White House could do is send him a thank you card.