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More conspiracy fodder

Most of you know that I don't normally traffic in conspiracy theories. The exception that proves the rule is that I do believe that the Clintons are hoping for a Bush victory in November, if not actively working for it behind the scenes. A Kerry win would certainly muddy the waters separating Hillary from her own presidential aspirations, so I don't see why my theory is particularly outlandish. Believing it demands only the belief that the Clintons' own political ambitions are larger motivating forces to them than the short-term health of their own party. Is that really so difficult to believe?

Well anyway, here's more fuel for the fire. There's a story in today's Haaretz about someone on the Clinton team whose behavior may be a bit more transparent. The article is about Ed Koch, and how he's been campaigning for Bush, particularly among Jewish voters. We all knew that, of course, but check out the two paragraphs at the end.

"I'm a Democrat, I'm for Hillary," he says, referring to the US senator and wife of Bill. Koch relates proudly that when Hillary Clinton won the race for senator, he stood near her on her victory night, and she urged him to get closer and be in the historic photograph. The photo now hangs in his office, and on it there is a dedication from the senator in which she thanks him for his support and backing.

Koch himself promises that in 2008 he will be there again, at Hillary's side, though this time as the winner in the race for the presidency of the United States. But before that he has to run to Florida to ensure that it will be George Bush who will be in the White House during the next four years, until Hillary Clinton arrives.


I'm not going to doubt Koch's motives on this. I believe he has always marched to his own drummer, willing to go against his party if need be. I don't agree with him here, but I don't think he is acting as a Hillary operative. I take him on his word that he wants Bush for the next four years and then he plans to return to supporting a Democrat. It's a conspiracy of one, in my view.

I agree with PE, Barry. Koch is too much of a loose cannon to be a part of the Clinton inside team.

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