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Quel choc!

In light of this, does Kerry have a "Plan B?"

French and German government officials say they will not significantly increase military assistance in Iraq even if John Kerry, the Democratic presidential challenger, is elected on November 2.

Heh, I love that term "significantly increase military assistance." Seems like they missed a perfect opportunity to pledge a "doubling" or even "tripling" of their existing commitment during a Kerry administration. They want the guy to win, right?


Barry, this merely debunks one of the great canards that Kerry and his minions have been trying to perpetrate: that somehow, France and Germany will suddenly risk the lives of their own troops in 'the wrong war, at the wrong time and the wrong place' in order to save our soldiers.

The sheer tonnage of stupidity and arrogance of that position alone shows the man is not capable of leading this country.

Now watch how the MSM fails to pick up on this.

Fortunately, you KNOW the Bush campaign has and will use it to again destroy whatever shred of credibility Kerry has.

What's 2 times 0 ?

Kerry wants it all ways. At the same time. One must stay focused. Kerry cannot stay focused on the simplest of tasks IMO. He will look to his band of brothers, and all the bands of brothers outside the USA, that will help him. I say help him because he needs help. But, of course, they won't. Theresa is interesting. But like a spontaneous combustion, she too will erupt, bigger and bigger time. He knows it, she doesn't care, and we know it. She may even help him lose the election. To not agree with all of Bush's commitments, is natural. To believe we live in a fairyland, and nothing happened the last 8 years that were ignore is la la land. IMO.

I read the Financial Times article, as well as heard its author be interviewed. I believe that more nations can come aboard and will come aboard under the right circumstances. There are just too much to gain from a stable Iraq and too much to lose from an unstable Iraq. This isn't Vietnam; this is a nation at the heart of the Middle East. Maybe the French won't send troops, but there are many more who can and will if given a true stake in the outcome. The governments of France and Germany are not going to guarrantee anything at this point. It would be political suicide for them to do so. However, even Germany has said that it would be difficult to refuse John Kerry and even more difficult if they were offered a true stake in a new Iraq.

This isn't stupidity. This is the reality of how we win this war. We win that war by not having it divide the world, but unite the world. If the terrorists think they can pick off countries one by one, they will do so. However, if they see a coalition fading, a coalition that includes muslim countries in addition to the europeans, then the momentum will turn against them. This can and will happen with the right leadership.

However, if they see a coalition forming, a coalition that includes muslim countries in addition to the europeans, then the momentum will turn against the insurgents.

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