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Add to the growing list of Kerry endorsements...

Osama bin Laden.

The Arab television station Al-Jazeera is broadcasting a new tape from Al Qaeda leader Usama bin Laden.
Bin Laden is speaking from a lectern and he talks about threats to the United States and he says that President Bush will not protect the American people

UPDATE: I was initially unsure how this would impact the election. Granted, it brings the focus back to terrorism, but it also invites John Kerry to spew some bullshit about how he would have had OBL's head on a pike by now, because he wouldn't have "outsourced" the job (outsourcing is apparently only a good idea in Iraq.)

But from what I've managed to glean of OBL's "speech" so far, it's essentially a litany of ABB talking points. With minor modifications, it could easily have been written by Michael Moore. Or Terry McAuliffe. Or Atrios. Or Kos.

So my next question is: How long before the moonbats start screaming that it's all part of a sinister plot by Karl Rove?


Oh, please.

I don't like Terry McCauliffe either, but I don't remember Terry McCauliffe talking about how the invasion of Lebanon inspired his wanting to blow up the twin towers.

I think Andrew Sullivan has said it best in regards to affecting the election.

"Who knows how this will impact the race? Although I suspect it will help Bush a lot, my hope is that it will have no effect either way. I don't want that murderous bastard to have any say on what this democracy decides. I just hope that whoever gets elected next Tuesday manages to find and kill him. Soon."

I'm waiting for THK to come out with some statement about how the new tape looks like it was filmed in the basement of the White House where we've been storing OBL for his capture on Monday.

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