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Initial assessment:

Cheney beat his ass like a red-headed step-child.


The Fox talking heads think it was a split decision with Cheney winning the foreign debate and Edwards the domestic one.

The foreign is far more important as polls show and given that MB Cahill was downplaying the foreign side and talking aout healthcare with Chris Wallace tells me the dems feel they lost that part.

An addendum. Cahill claimed that Cheney seemed 'grumpy and mean' tonight.

Let's see how often we hear that or similar phrases from the acolytes in the MSM in the next two days and make a note of it!

But Mal, Cheney is Grouchy-Cranky man. He _never_ looks terribly happy. Is it such a big deal if MSM notes that? In 2000 they talked about Gore's wooden delivery all the time. No one thought that the MSM was conservatively slanted at the time. MSM was just speaking the truth, right? And they really were. Gore was wooden and Cheney really is grouchy and cranky looking.

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