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Is Bruce gettin' any?

Celebrities lecturing audiences with their stoopid political yammering has long been a pet peeve of mine. My wife, a Democrat, shares my opinion, so this has always been a bi-partisan bone of contention, at least until it was co-opted by Laura Ingraham.

We all have our theories as to why entertainers feel compelled to burden us with this crap -- guilt, publicity, even (ha ha!) sincerity, but I have one friend who has a very unique hypothesis. He thinks it stems from sexual frustration.

He may be right. Sheryl Crow, remember, was very shrill and vocal when the Iraqi war began. Now that she's getting boned by Lance Armstrong, she's off the radar map.

I'm not totally convinced, but it merits further research. Any bloggers out there want to uncover the truth behind the Boss's sex life? Or Michael Stipe's? Bonnie Raitt's?

Anyone? Bueller? Wonkette?


Of course the Boss is gettin it. He plows Patti's ass real good after every concert.

It always has bothered the hell out of me as well, Barry.

I have forever been astounded that congressional committees will clear space to hear some actor or entertainer lobby them about some such cause.


Are we supposed to believe that the star somehow knows more about an issue than many others whose names wouldn't resonate with either the congress or the American public but who have spent years devoted to their cause?

I sure do not.

I think we saw the answer laid out for us during the Clinton administration. Politicians seem to love being groupies to entertainers, why I do not know.


I do NOT, under ANY circumstances, need to know about Michael Stipe's sex life.

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