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Kerry forces re-energized

I just got back from Union Square, which was crawling with Kerry supporters, as usual. They were out in force, registering new voters and attempting to win new converts. It seems that setting up camp in Union Square is "preaching to the choir" in a sense, but whatever.

The difference today was that the Kerry crowd seemed more animated and upbeat than usual, clearly buoyed by the recent presidential debate.

"Do you support John Kerry?" one tow-headed college boy's pitch began. "Have you heard how well we're doing against Bush?"

"Well no, not really."

Many of them clearly now believe the election is in the bag. If the first full polling period after Thursday's debate fail to bear that out, many of them will be left scratching their heads in bewilderment. Certainly the guy I spoke with today seemed unable to comprehend that a sentient being could have watched the debate, yet continue to support Bush.

It's like this, folks. The president is a poor speaker. He's an even worse debater. We all knew that even before last week. Yet we also believe that he fully understands the nature of the current conflict. We do not believe Kerry does. We fear that he inhabits a naive and idealistic world in which summits, treaties, U.N. resolutions, and multilateral discussions with the French can defeat a committed enemy who respects none of these.

Simply put, we're still not convinced that Kerry "gets it." His ludicrous comment about FDR attacking Mexico after Pearl Harbor, regardless of how artfully delivered, does nothing but reinforce our view. Sorry. Your guy won on style, hands down, but the substance is still very much lacking. Perhaps someday you'll understand.

Perhaps on November 3.


Ah but the Bush campaign has already picked up on the most egregious of Kerry's gaffes and is running with it as I type this, Barry.

The unfortunate phrase 'global test' is being used by Bush as the "Kerry Doctrine".

Just noted that Newsweek reports that their poll shows that bush's lead is gone. However, it should be noted also that, among those surveyed, 61-19 felt that Kerry 'won' the debate.

That seems awfully high given every other poll I've heard and leads me to want to see what the sample was.

Perhaps there is some chicanery afoot.

I'm not sure who Barry is speaking for when he is using the word "we". (Does he have a tapeworm inside him?) In any case, I see the point made that Kerry made regarding our attacking and capturing the man who was not involved with 9/11 while letting the one who was behind it slip away.

As far as Bush's debating skills, many conservatives were lauding his skills, extolling how he beat Richards and Gore and how they expected him to beat Kerry as well. Going into the debate the talk was of Kerry's sweating and his orange face, now the talk is how sure Kerry looks smooth, but we don't care about such things.

We're going to have to wait regarding the polls. The Newsweek Poll polled people the day after and perhaps they were influenced by the many snap polls, including ABC and Gallup, that gave the debate to Kerry. So maybe there is a little bandwagon going on, but those things tend to reverse and sort themselves out.

As far as the "global test" comment, here both of you are trying to take it out of context. Kerry was talking about needing to justify a preemptive action to the American people and the world AFTER that action was taken. Indeed, after the Cuban Missle Crisis, JFK called many world leaders, including De Gaulle, to explain his actions. Because it was a crisis of such urgency, he did not consult them prior to taking action, but he did go to them following the action, as a world leader should. JFK's actions those days did pass a global test, if you will.

I am by no means getting cocky over this debate. Bush is still ahead, in my view. The debate over the future of this country is joined, however, and I don't think that "we" Americans have decided, (I might have and you might have, but this election is still in doubt and an attempt to spin/cut/excerpt/mischaracterize Kerry's words may not work because 60 million Americans did hear him for themselves.)

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