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Morons for Kerry

After much Democratic hand-wringing about a low felon turnout, now they have to worry that the Florida Supreme Court is going to suppress the "moron" vote:

But a group of labor unions sued over the ballot law, saying that it unconstitutionally disenfranchised voters who may not know their polling place.

The Democrats must be so proud.


Well, after the Clinton appointee in Ohio said it was OK, one cannot blame the Democrats for following their favorite route: find friendly judges to ignore the laws for political gain.

Is it true that Bob Torricelli has already voted in Florida?

Go easy on the "moron" vote. You're not insulting half the Donk base, but you'll probably energize the whole base.

I really booted that one. Let me try again.

Go easy on the "moron" vote. You're insulting half the Donk base. You'll probably energize the entire base (once the half that recognizes they were insulted, explains it to the other half of their base).

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