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Stop posting spam for ED prescriptions on my site! For the love of God, how the hell many hard-on pills do you actually believe you're going to sell by posting in the comments section of a two-month old post on an obscure political weblog?!


Whoops! Sorry. Seriously, on another blog this guy looked into that, and evidently there's some sort of program that posts those stupid comments automatically. I find it difficult to believe that they get any sales from those posts, but *shrug*, what can I say? People are strange, so who knows?

Yeah, I can't imagine the ROI is that great, but then again, I guess it's "free," so they figure what the heck.

They just want the link. The way Google ranks pages, the more incoming links you have, the higher your rank in searches. It doesn't matter if anyone besides web spiders read it, a link is a link.

You want to look into MT-Blacklist. It's a plugin that will help filter out about 90% of this crap.

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