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The U.N. and Hamas

All right, so now Hamas in on the payroll of a U.N. "relief" agency. Worse, the agency's director doesn't seem to have a problem with that, despite a recently released Israeli video showing Palestinian terrorists using a U.N. ambulance to transport missiles.

I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not. Is anyone? This is the same organization that lectures the U.S. about "unilateral" action while sitting in abject paralysis in the face of the horrific genocide in Darfur. The same organization that helped enrich Saddam Hussein and his nightmarish security forces in a scandal that reached all the way to the son of the U.N. Secretary General.

Please, tell me again why we need the support of this crowd? Explain again why we must give them input, if not an outright veto, in our decisions to use military force? The usual excuses begin something like this: "the U.N. isn't perfect, obviously, but...."

No, it's certainly not. But "imperfect" doesn't even begin to describe it. Their record on global security has been an unbroken string of incompetence, corruption, and a disgusting tolerance of dictators and despots who hold in contempt the very democratic ideals the U.N. ostensibly holds dear.

I'd love to see Bush beat Kerry over the head with this non-stop for the next four weeks. First, of course, he'd have to actually fight back in the next debate.

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