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Final thoughts on Arafat

Why is this guy pissed off? Is he outraged because a fraudulent, murderous thug who claimed to represent his interests has actually robbed his people blind for decades, and kept them in a state of hopeless squalor and abject desperation? Could he be pissed off because said thug's stupid wife will continue ripping off his people to the tune of $22 million a year (and that's just what we know about) for decades to come?

No, silly! He's pissed off at America and the Jews! Everything is the Jews' fault, after all. Why would he spend even two seconds worrying about the kleptocrats who claim to lead him?

(Jesus Christ, pal, unclench already!)

Now why is this woman crying? Is she in mourning because her beloved husband, whom she adored beyond measure and doted on incessantly, has finally shaken off this mortal coil? Or is she upset because a fraudulent murderous thug whom she's barely seen in years croaked before he was able to tell her where all the treasure was buried? Your call.

About this picture... well... I guess nothing more really needs to be said.

And one more thing. From time to time, I make remarks on this site that are not especially flattering towards former president Jimmy Carter. Each time I do so, I am barraged with hateful e-mails, telling me I should be ashamed for daring to criticize this great humanitarian. Well, given Carter's gushing remarks in which he referred to Arafat as a "powerful human symbol," do me a favor. The next time you want to send me e-mails talking about what a great, peace-loving humanitarian Carter is? Just don't. Please.


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You get hate mail? Really? Huh.

You don't?

Dang, I must be doing something wrong.

Good Riddance~!

I still don't understand why the Palestinians didn't resort to a "Weekend at Yasir's" scenario replete with the corpse, in sunglasses, riding through the streets waving (with a little help from a friend).

Hell, he's been a figurehead for years anyway so why not take it to the next level?

I have to chuckle when I hear pundits say that he could have changed the path of the Middle East by accepting Barak's overly generous proposal.

He didn't because he knew that to do so would have meant his assassination within a short period of time by the real powers who want no part of an Israeli state.

Arafat was nothing if not a survivor.

Like a cockroach.

Not only do I not feel hate against your dislike of Arafat and, more importantly, Carter, but I think I love you! I guess this needs to be an everyday read. Blog on...

There are people who would say you're just misjudging Carter. Unfortunately, those people are guys like Fidel Castro.

You know, that third photo could go a lot toward explaining that rumor that "old pugugly" died of AIDS...I mean, I haven't seen a look that adoring since I saw the Captain and Tennille in Vegas..ooh, muskrat love, indeed!

The person who made the comments on Arafat and Carter was masquerading as me, CB. I just wanted to make clear that no one should mistake that person for the real CB. Cheers all, and happy holidays.

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