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Inauguration of new CN comic strip!

Cynical Nation is proud to introduce a brand new comic strip called "Shroomsbury." Its scathing wit and biting political satire are sure to earn it a Pulitzer.

Stay tuned in the future for even more rapier-like wit and sophisticated political commentary. Anyone interested in syndicating "Shroomsbury" should talk to my agent.


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A funny Doonesbury strip.

How often does that happen? Once a year maybe?

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» Hey, Look! from Dean's World

A funny Doonesbury strip.

How often does that happen? Once a year maybe?

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Sadly, I remember when Doonesbury was actually funny. Yes, I'm that old! Trudeau should have quit long ago. Instead, he's allowed this once-great strip devolve into preening, asinine, unfunny partisanship. Too bad.

Actually, your strip is funnier than Trudeau's.

As one who remembers how funny, as does Norm, the strip used to be, it is sad indeed to watch it dragged downill by the peevish hatreds of its creator.

When was the last time anybody ever said "Did you see Doonesbury yesterday?"

Well, I don't know that I ever said that (re: did you read...). Although I thought his invisible man for GHWB was funny.

I do say that about The Boondocks. Which I guess isn't among your top daily reads...

The Boondocks not infrequently verges on a literal reproduction of "Shroomsbury," actually. One thing that amused me a while back was the artist going on "sabbatical" for a couple weeks, so they ran old strips. Somehow, I don't think "Wow, I'd forgotten this strip used to be pretty funny! And instead of using clip-art character heads, he'd occasionally draw things!" was the intended reaction.

"Doonesbury," OTOH, can be quite good sometimes, but its quality is usually in inverse relationship to the amount the strip deals with "politics" per se.

And remember Dan Quayle as a floating feather?

Ha ha, that one never got old! I'd nearly bust a gut every time I saw it! </sarcasm>

It took me a few panels to realize that this was a parody. That's how little coffee I've had today and now atrociously close it is to being a real Doonesbury cartoon. I used to be a big fan of Trudeau's work, but stopped reading several months ago.

I'm not positive, but I believe the "flashback" comic strips of the Boondocks were actually not flashbacks as some of them were supposed to be from the Reagan era? And McGruder is about 30?

Two different things. Magruder *did* do some new (I mean, written in 2004) "flashback" cartoons with Huey griping about Gerald Ford or something, but what I was talking about was the paper reprinting old comics actually done in 1999 or 2000 or something while Magruder was off doing whatever Important Cartoonists Who Get Sabbaticals do.

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