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Just when you thought it was finally over!

It appears the 2004 election is not over yet. (No, I'm not talking about Ohio's moronic recount.) Evidently there are two House seats still up for grabs in Louisiana that will be decided in a runoff Saturday. The White House has dispatched charismatic powerhouse Dick Cheney to help boost Republican candidates in both races.

Should the GOP win, expect this to remain an obscure story. Should the Dems win, expect plenty of crowing from Terry McAuliffe and the NYT OpEd pages about how "the tide is turning," and these races signal an "end to Republican hegemony."


To employ a term from your old neck of the woods, Barry: that dog don't hunt.

McAuliffe employed it in 2002 when Mary Landrieu won (in Louisiana) in a similar situation.

There used to be a phrase employed about the direction a US election would take which went "As Maine goes, so goes the nation.".

It was based upon the fact that the Pine Tree State used to vote for the presidency in September of an election year and, apparently, provided a relatively accurate indicator towards the November result.

Until 1936.

Maine voted for Alf Landon, the "Kansas Sunflower" whose most memorable line was that 'a man can be a liberal without being a spendthrift.'

Only Vermont joined in that viewpoint two months later and hence the sarcastic, Democrat line was born:

"As Maine goes, so goes Vermont."

Can Louisiana be far behind?

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