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Memo to Dylan fans

If you've been banned from Son of Nixon, please know that you have a home here. You may have been disappointed, as I was, at having to chose between America's Poet and one of the best bloggers blogging today, but alas, what can you do? Hey, conservatives love Dylan too.

And if you're not a Dylan fan? Be sure to check out SoN. He still rules, even if he banned us.

Memo to SonOfNixon:

You are right from your side
I am right from mine
We're both just one too many mornin's
And a thousand miles behind.


thanks for the praise, CN.

also, I'm sure if you get my sense of humor you'll treat the "banning" with the seriousness that it deserves (i.e. none)

besides, if you are "banned" -- isn't it funner (is that a word?) to sneak over to taste the forbidden fruit (geesh that sounded gay -- not my intention)

keep on bloggin' dude

SoN, of *course* it's more fun to sneak!! So don't take all the fun out of it by rescinding your ban or anything.

So level with me, YOU'RE the one who keeps posting those Cialis ads in my comments, right? ;-)

Nope, not me. If I do something goofy and get called on it, I'll fess up.

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