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The Little PC Drummer Boy

Baby Gesu
I am a poor boy too
Those are the lyrics to "The Little Drummer Boy," at least as sung by that castrato boys' choir ages ago. Why anyone would remake that song remains an open question, yet many do. I've noticed that the trend with these pointless covers these days has been to sing it thusly:
Little Baby
I am a poor boy too
Has anyone else noticed this?

I have two problems with this shameless revisionism. First, it doesn't rhyme. Second, it renders the entire song meaningless. Honestly, it was a flimsy enough narrative to begin with, but replace the baby Jesus with some anonymous infant and the whole song becomes senseless -- some stupid chap bangs on a cheap-ass drum for some random baby. Yeah, that'll put you in the holiday spirit.

Regular readers know I'm not a bible thumper, but I do honor the gods of tradition over the insatiable gods of political correctness. Does it bug you to sing about Jesus? Fine, not everyone's comfortable with that. If you want to record a Christmas song, just sing about Frosty or chestnuts or something. Why choose an overtly religious piece and gut its significance?

Ah well. I guess I shouldn't let it ruin my "holiday" spirit as I sit around the "holiday" tree writing "holiday" cards for my friends.

Happy freakin' Kwanzaa, everyone.