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Another question

Does anyone else remember a president getting booed during a SOTU address?


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Really? I honestly don't remember but I could have sworn it's happened before. It didn't to WJC?

Well I'm really not sure. I posed it as a real question. I certainly don't remember its happening to Clinton, though, and I watched all of his SOTU addresses.

Here's your answer, Barry:

In a State of the Union address to a skeptical Republican Congress, President Clinton traced the themes of his upcoming reelection campaign Tuesday night and confronted the GOP on the budget, demanding it ''never -- ever'' shut the government again.
Democrats rose with loud cheers, but Republicans sat in stony silence at Clinton's challenge. GOP lawmakers -- particularly the rebellious House freshmen -- had been coached by party elders to be on good behavior and not boo Clinton, as some did last year.

I don't remember this at all, but someone told me that some GOP lawmakers actually walked out of a WJC speech. And that there were numerous times over WJC's 8 years that he was booed.

Maybe Bush was the first to get booed for telling the truth. ;-)

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