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Gee, I hate I missed that

Power Line has an account of some rather spectacular-sounding fireworks at the Howard Dean-Richard Perle debate. It sounds like someone lost their temper in a rather grand fashion, and it wasn't Howard.

The new DNC chairman may, however, be second-guessing his initial second-guessing of his original decision not to allow media coverage of the event.

I just read an account of the debate held last night between Richard Perle and Howard Dean wrritten by a left winger who attended the debate. The highlight of the report is when some 52 year old Democrat threw a shoe at Richard Perle while screaming "mother f****** liar" numerous times as the police dragged him out of the debate hall. He missed Mr. Perle, who took the incident in light fashion. I believe there were local TV stations there, so I would think the whole episode would be on tape. Ah, the Democrat Party at work!!!

UPDATE: Kevin from Preemptive Karma saw the whole thing. Read about here.


Simple solution. Permit only fingerprint-matched-republican brain-scanned-non-shoe-wearing-allegiance-pledging droids to public events.

Ah, the Republican party at "work."

Pleaz, Newell?! (?! is a chess notation)

A show? You've gotta be kidding me. This is what the Dems have come to?

My co-blogger Carla and I were at the Dean/Perle debate. If you're interested, you can click on my name and read our posts on it. We each blogged individually on it.

I don't think the shoe thrower was a Dem. More likely he was a Green, IMO. And I'm an Indie, not a Dem. So, I have no vested interest in defending Dems on this. I just don't think he was a Dem.

Dean's changed position on allowing the debate to be broadcast is being taken somewhat out of context here. The debate was scheduled months before Dean became DNC Chair. The firm that represents him on the lecture tour says that closed debates are the norm. Which is to say that the debate was scheduled as a closed debate, as is typical.

On the shoe thrower... I think I read the same blog post you did. My vantage point was somewhat different, being on the opposite side of the hall from where the shoe thrower made his assault.

I loath NeoCons of all stripes. But, I have to give Perle props here for how he reacted to the whole thing. Lessor men might have cowered or otherwise tried to shield themselves. Not Perle. He simply turned and faced the guy head on, without a trace of fear as far as I could tell. Personally... being a fellow man and all... I gotta respect the way Perle stood his ground unflinchingly. I don't agree with his politics. But, he's a man's man, IMHO.

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