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Keeping our powder dry

It took only hours for the blogosphere to debunk yesterday's "Jihad Joe" hoax, but I can't help but think we missed an opportunity by jumping the gun. Think how much cooler it would have been if we had waited until "60 Minutes" used it as the centerpiece of an anti-war story.

Timing, people, timing!


I think it was just a promo for "Toy Story 3"


Okay, I'm not digging for a compliment, here, and I'm not even link-pimping, I just want to know if this is funny, or not funny, or just doesn't make sense.

Believe me, I need the truth.

UP: Heh, well I laughed, but then again, I'm weird that way. :-)

The oddest thing to me is the title on the image if you right-click on it.

Actually, I just read a suggestion that was even funnier on TKS:

Strip the soldier doll and surround him with other dolls, including Barbie!

Sure to get a call for a federal investigation!

What makes you think "60 Minutes" won't run with the story anyway?

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