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Sully to Pope: "Die already!!"

It looks like Andrew Sullivan has joined William F. Buckley in expressing annoyance that John Paul II won't just lie down and die already. Am I the only one who finds this a bit odd? Am I missing something here? Is it because I'm not Catholic?

But there is also a point at which clinging to life itself becomes a little odd for a Christian, no? Isn't the fundamental point about Christianity that our life on earth is but a blink in the eye of our real existence, which begins at death and lasts for eternity in God's loving presence? Why is the Pope sending a signal that we should cling to life at all costs - and that this clinging represents some kind of moral achievement? Isn't there a moment at which the proper Christian approach to death is to let it come and be glad? Or put it another way: if the Pope is this desperate to stay alive, what hope is there for the rest of us?


Sullivan is a sad individual. He is a Catholic who is openly gay and has had to suffer the Pope's continuous outspoken views on gay life.

As such, I cannot say I am surprised by his reaction.

The only problem is that the next Pope won't be any different in this matter.

What does Sullivan expect him to do, off himself?

Both Sullivan and Buckley have completely missed the other major point of Christianituy - God and only God holds the power of Life and Death.

The Pope is exactly right to be letting God decide when his time is. He is not "clinging to life" as much as "patiently waiting for his time".

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