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Terror hag convicted

Radical moonbat lawyer Lynne Stewart was convicted Thursday for smuggling messages of violence on behalf of her client, the blind terror master Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman. (By the way, why do so many of these guys have fucked up eyes? Is there some kind of fatwah against eating a goddamn carrot once in a while?)

Stewart has always been attracted to what she euphemistically refers to as "progressive" causes, but why did she take this case? What values could a "progressive" possibly share with this murderous cleric's hateful, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, homophobic ideology? The answer is obvious: virulent anti-Americanism. For Stewart and her ilk, hatred of this country trumps every other principle, and even Islamofacists become acceptable bedfellows. And her defense was novel, basically amounting to "lawyers shouldn't go to jail." Swell.

Ah, well. In truth, I don't expect any different from the Lynne Stewarts and Ward Churchills of America. What's really disappointing, however, is to see the reaction to this conviction on the part of many mainstream liberals, many of whom have expressed sympathy for Stewart.

These liberals seem to view her as Atticus Finch made over -- a principled attorney who defends unpopular clients simply because they deserve a fair trial. And granted, such a person would be honorable, but it's outrageous to suggest that this image even remotely applies to Stewart.

Make no mistake, she was not merely concerned with judicial fairness; she was an outright sympathizer, famously saying "good for them" upon learning that a militant group in the Philippines had taken hostages. Then, of course, she went from sympathizer to collaborator, when she illegally smuggled out messages of violence from her imprisoned client. She understood full well the implications of what she was doing, as her self-described Academy Award-worthy performance indicated. Rahman may deserve a fair trial, but Stewart is no Atticus Finch. There is nothing to admire here.

And yet many liberals feel pity for her. One might have hoped that three and a half years after 9/11 we'd be spared such nonsense. Guess not.

There's much to admire in American liberalism: its passionate commitment to equality, fairness, and basic human rights. The fact that so many liberals are still capable of sympathy for this traitorous ogress, however, highlights liberalism's fatal flaw, and why I cannot in clear conscious support them for so long as we are at war with this particular enemy.

If there were any justice, Stewart would have to serve her time in the same prison as her blind boyfriend. He could marry her (here's where his blindness comes in handy), treat her like chattel, make her wear a tent over her head, and beat her with sticks when she's inadequately deferential or submissive.



Let her be placed in a pillory in the public square and pelted with rotten fruit and animal excrement. Then we can vote on what to do with her next.

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