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The day the music died

It was 46 years ago today, but Buddy Holly still rules.


I remember that day well.

The irony was that Ritchie Valens was the hottest of the three of the singers who perished at that time and his song "Donna" remained as #1 throughout the month of February which I, as an 11 year old, found very bizarre.

Ironically, a WINS disk jockey named Irv Smith had died just three days before in an auto accident. I had listened to him on a number of occasions and was deeply saddened by his loss and then this news hit.

I remember Holly on Ed Sullivan's show as well as remembering J.P. "Big Bopper" Richardson, a Texas DJ whose songs included "Chantilly Lace". Saw him on Channel 13 in December, 1958.

Crew cut; big guy; seemed invincible.


Thanks for remembering, Barry.

Great music and many good memories. Thanks for reminding us.

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