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Bush's "race to the bottom" suffers another setback

Can't this president do anything right?

Americans' Incomes Rise Solidly

Americans' incomes, bolstered by strong gains in hiring, rose by 0.3 percent in February while consumer spending climbed at an even faster pace of 0.5 percent, the government reported Thursday.
The 0.3 percent rise in incomes was attributed to a surge of 262,000 new jobs in February, the biggest increase in four months. Further solid gains in both incomes and consumer spending are expected in the months ahead as the consumer continues to be a driving force in the economy.


Now if only gas prices would drop to a reasoable level, social security would get fixed, health care and drugs would become affordable, the deficit would get reduced, the stock market would recover, this bloody war would end, and congress would stay out of our personal lives, then Bush would be doing pretty good.

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