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Cartoon deconstruction

I saw this cartoon on my friend's website:

That's some funny stuff all right, but I'd like to suggest a few changes to make it a bit more accurate.

  • The power roles of the mom and kid should be reversed.
  • The cookie jar should be replaced by a vat of anthrax.
  • The cookie jar has a long history of malevolence, frequently ruining the cookies within and openly defying the rules set forth by mom and kid.
  • The cookie jar's poison sometimes spills over and taints the neighboring sugar bowl or flour bin.
  • Mom and cookie jar have both profited mightily by clandestinely violating the rules of the house, which were intended to isolate the cookie jar.
  • Rather than breaking the cookie jar, the kid replaced it with a new and improved jar that actually reflects the will of the cookies.

Other than that, though, the resemblance is uncanny.

Yeah, I know, I'm no fun.


Yep, you're definitely no fun.

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