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I am shocked, shocked!!

...that acts of anti-Semitic and racist violence doubled last year in the epicenter of European tolerance and enlightenment.

(Just in case anyone cares....)


It amazes me just how much racism and anti-semitism goes on in France. WTF? And by anti-semitism, I mean prejudice towards *all* Semitic peoples. Jews, Arabs, doesn't matter, there's someone discriminating against both groups in France.

It's a special kind of racism that we don't get to see much here in the U.S. - we tend to take one Semitic side or the other. Nothing like a little cultural identity to really make a group look special.

Exacty so, Tami. I lived in France for almost three years, and they was as much anti-Arab bigotry as anti-Jew. The French like Arabs just fine when they're in Palestine or Syria, but much less when they're in the Parisian banlieues.

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