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Piscopo for governor?

So today I find out from Tami that horrifically unfunny comedian Joe Piscopo may be running for governor of my new home state. I guess Jesse Ventura is behind the whole thing. Well, maybe Piscopo would make a better politician than a comedian. God knows we've done worse. I wonder if he's still all bulked up? Christ, I hadn't thought about Piscopo in years.


Last I heard, he was a celebrety judge in the "New Jersey Idol" contest last year or so.

I don't know who funded the poll, but whether Piscopo should run was one question in a recent Quinnipiac poll in which I participated.

My answer, for the record, was no.

Also for the record, my answer to "Do you regard the tomato as the state vegetable" was "No, I regard my fundie wingnut representative, Scott Garrett, as the state vegetable."

Jill, that is truly bizarre. And what's the deal with a tomato being the state veggie anyway? Nevermind that it's not strictly speaking a vegetable, I just would tend to associate it more with Georgia or Nebraska or someplace. New Jersey is weird.

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