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Revenge on my parents!

In 1972, when I asked my mom if she would take me to see Blacula, she answered, "Of course not!"

Well, now we see who gets the last laugh! 33 years later, I finally watched it on cable last night! Basically, it was kind of a let-down, especially for something you've waited a third of a century for. It was pretty stupid, although I did like that scene where that vampire lady in a hospital gown ran down the corridor and attacked the security guard. I probably won't even bother with Scream, Blacula, Scream.

Still, it was immensely satisfying to get my revenge! Next up? Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. Take that, Mom!


Next I suppose you will want an air rifle.

Don't do it! Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things is AWFUL. The monsters don't even show up until after an hour into the film, and getting there is an utterly painful process. It's horribly done, through and through.

If you want to see something entertaining instead in the same vein, I recommend: 1) Last Man On Earth, 2) Night of the Living Dead (or sequels), or 3) Evil Dead (or sequels). Your time is better spend on these than CSPWDT.

The way I hear it, Barry has already gotten even with the air rifle.

Hi Newell!

BTW, I brewed two weeks ago - 18 barrels of stout! Enough to wash away all of the blacksploitation films ever made...

Rog, too late. Well, not really. CSPWDT already showed up from Netflix... but I haven't watched it yet. I have seen the first two each of the "Living Dead" and "Evil Dead" franchises. Liked the ED2 better than ED1.

Tirin, I could use some of that beer about now. How the hell did you do so much? You are my hero.

Hey - Blacula had one of the largest shirt collars ever worn by man in that first disco scene where he picks up the girl. It was way scarier than the vampires.

Count Yorga, Vampire is another good/bad one from around the same time.

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