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Stifling of dissent at CU

The latest victim of Bush's fascist AmeriKKKa is University of Colorado President Elizabeth Hoffman, who will be resigning in the wake of the Ward Churchill scandal. WHEN WILL BUSH'S INSANE WAR AGAINST FREE SPEECH END?!?!?


Well, Barry, I suggest you revisit that great old film "Support Your Local Sheriff" with James Garner.

As he is being lobbyed to become sheriff, the mayor shows him the badge of the previous sheriff - complete with a dent from a bullet.

"Why that badge saved that poor man's life!" exclaims Garner.

"Well, it would have it it hadn't been for all those other bullets flying around!" rejoined the mayor.

Given the ongoing scandals of the football team on her watch as well as her convoluted defense of the use of the "C" (yes, that one) word, this woman needed a bigger badge!

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