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The U.N. takes bold action

Stung by charges of sexual abuse on the part of its peackekeepers, the U.N. has taken decisive action, issuing a series of "recommendations" to prevent such atrocities in the future.

Don't laugh! This is pretty strong stuff for our friends at Turtle Bay. And don't think it'll stop there, either. Why, if the recommendations don't work, I wouldn't be surprised if they issued "suggestions," or even a "strongly-worded request." It's just that they don't want to go nuclear right out of the gate.

This aggressive action was necessary to put this current scandal behind them. There are too many important issues in the world to waste time quarreling and bickering over "who raped who." This whole sideshow detracts from the real business of the U.N. There are, after all, genocides to ignore.


The problem is, as always, the UN is really limited in what it can do. As to Sudan? While we've labelled it as genocide, have we done anything? This is entirely too much like Rwanda in that regard.

For the record, I'm also disappointed by America's inaction in Sudan, but you have to remember something. We don't even pretend that it's our job/place/mandate to keep peace throughout the globe. The U.N. does. It's kinda their job.

But don't you think the UN is sort of like a gelding? It doesn't (because none of the member nations will stand for it) have any real power. Although, admittedly, it might be nice if it at least had some moral authority. And I don't mean Judeo-Christian morality. I mean, not raping 13 year olds in exchange for things like food. That might be nice.

They might even go so far as to write angry letters.

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