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What is a libertarian?

Today's Wall Street Journal offers some single-sentence definitions. I kind of like "an amoral Republican," although some would argue such a construct is redundant. Then there's Jeff Jena's candidates, "a Democrat who wants to own a gun, or a Republican who wants to smoke pot." Most of the rest have to do with sex. None of these quite work for me, but the piece is still a fun read. Considering most libertarians I know, however, I'm not sure we're having as much fun as they think we're having.


I never thought that something so broad as "Republican" or "Democrat" or "Libertarian" should be defined by a quip or a one-liner. It was an interesting read, though. I was especially intrigued by the line:

"If Republicans and Democrats are the thesis and antithesis, Libertarians are a synthesis."

Nice rhythm and flow of language. My sense, though, is that "selective synthesis" is a closer description.

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