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BA 0215 update

Still scant new information about this. I'm now told the security team was called in by the pilot after the crew noticed the men behaving suspiciously. Several of us continue to follow the story, and if I learn more I will certainly post it. Meanwhile, we can hope it was merely a case of an overly cautious pilot.



Well, still nothing, and I presume we will never hear anything about that, but there's this in today's news: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7449769/

Apparently a Royal Dutch airline was refused entry by the US and was sent back to Amsterdam because of two people on the US no fly list. For some reason the two are not on the European no fly list. This leads me to suspect that perhaps the whole BA thing happens a LOT and the only reason this was news is because of the actual flight and refusal.

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