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By the way...

Yes, the self-loathing Americans post below is what I was pissed off about last night. Wasn't really worth the wait, was it? I didn't mean to overhype it, but I was too tired last night to go into further details. :-)

Sensible people should realize that both America and Europe have plenty to recommend them, and plenty of faults as well. I'm particularly envious of Europe's extensive train system, for example. Wouldn't that be cool if we had something like that here? There's a reason Amtrak depends on federal subsidies: Amtrak sucks.


Yes, THAT fast train! I can't WAIT to travel on that one day.

Off topic a bit but I travelled on the Chunnel a couple of years back and since it originates from my home town of Ashford, Kent, I was so impressed with the ease of just going over to France for a few hours! It used to take half a day to get to France by ferry (Hovercraft was much quicker, never took it but the ferry was a PARTY boat. YAY! :D)

In the few years since I was home, my town is full of Europeans now. Some work there and my friends go to work in France and travel home the same day. UNREAL! Change is a wonderful thing, sometimes.

I just could not believe the change!

Ashford used to be a dead beat town and if you said you came from there, you'd get dirty looks but now?...I am proud to say I was born there. :)

It's just such a mind bender to think of 'just going shopping' in France...just like getting off the couch and saying, 'I'm off down the pub'... in France. Amazing.

Also, I am going out on a limb here and could sound rather foolish but what the hey... I heard that there could possibly be a tunnel from Boston to Ireland in the next 30 years...and it would operate using giant magnets along the way. (There!!, I said it)

Ok, laugh now. But I heard it and wouldn't that be just amazing?

How do you add those smileys on here? I wanted to add an 'embarrassed' smiley.

Brit, I gotta figure out how to add those smileys.

A tunnel would be cool. :-)

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