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Memories of JP2

I can be a heartless bastard at times, but I read something on my way to work yesterday morning which made me tear up. The New York Post had a collection of readers' memories of John Paul II, and this one, from Tony DiGiacomo, jumped out at me.

I was a hell-raiser at school and my principal -- a nun -- said I would be "in purgatory" for a millennium if I didn't get "redeemed." So, in 1980 when the pope was at Madison Square Garden, I was ushered up to get a blessing.

I whispered to him what my nun had said and he hooted with laughter and said, "You're a good boy. God loves you. Do not fear!" I treasure this memory always.



The moral of the story? If a woman in a position of power gets on your case, you can always find a man who outranks her to make it all better.

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