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Brother-in-law arrived safely at Logan airport last night, albeit five hours late. Last night I reported how his plane was stormed before takeoff at London's Heathrow airport by heavily armed agents who forcibly removed several passengers of Middle Eastern descent.

There is still no mention of this incident in the media. With any luck, it will prove to have been a "false alarm," at least inasmuch as no specific, credible plot was uncovered. Still, one might think such an event would merit at least a mention in the local press, even in a pope-dominated news cycle.

It leads me to wonder how frequently events like this occur that we never hear about. If I learn more, I will, of course, pass it along.


I'm glad your brother-in-law is okay. How frightening! You're probably right about how often such things occur.

Very interesting.
Wish the MSM wasn't so incompetant--I would definately like to know more about stuff like this.

Has your brother-in-law tried contacting any media sources, like the BBC?

Remember "Terror in the Skies?" a few months ago written by a womenswallst.com reporter? I think her first name is Annie. If you contacted her with your brother-in-law's account, she'd be all over it. Glad he's okay. Very scary.

Well, it looks like the folks at www.lgfwatch.blogspot.com did the follow up here and have the real story.

I guess the '1000's of fact-checking lizards' at LGF weren't up to the task.

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